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We have been planning trips and running events since April 2005.

I still remember the very first show we did waiting for the coach, petrified that they might have forgotten us, or I might have forgotten to book it, and the relief when it pulled round the corner.  It’s not always  been easy - but it’s always been worth it, especially when people send me messages saying what a fab trip they have had. 


In our first year we only did 4 trips - every 3 months and I remember saying to Keith I might do one a month - I can’t repeat what he said, apart from he didn’t think I would be able to fill 12 coaches a year!  I took a chance and blimey look at us now. 

It’s hard work, buying the shows, negotiating better seats, paying up front (Keith hates that bit) and taking a chance I can sell them all - then trying to get the seating sorted - that is a nightmare trying to seat a party of five when I’ve only got even numbers of seats etc! - collecting the money in - trying to get everyone seated on the coach (sometimes it’s like a game of Tetris!!)  etc etc - but somehow it works. 


So a HUGE thank you to each and every one of you who have helped make this as successful as it is, you’re support is  just wonderful. And I suppose I should say a huge thank you to Keith - who really does do bugger all - but does it so well! 


Here’s to another year of amazing shows - I’m really looking forward to expanding and doing some different things Our theatre trip includes top price stalls (99% of the time)seats and coach pick up from either Budgens Great Ashby normally 4.30 or Tesco Hatfield normally 5pm - we can also pick up at Borehamwood if needed  - please note once purchased these CANNOT be refunded - as we buy 50 tickets at a time - we get discounted prices which we pass on to you - so please payment immediately.

Much love to all of you

Kim & Keith

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